Angela is a Siamese with big beautiful blue eyes. She is a very friendly cat who enjoys the company of other cats and is comfortable around dogs. She is always one of the first to greet you at the shelter and loves to play.

Being such a social girl, Angela would do well in a busy household but needs some time to settle into her new environment. Once she has established herself you will see what a wonderful companion Angela will be.

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Olibe is a very friendly girl who loves curling up on your lap for cuddles.

Our pretty black tortoiseshell girl has shown us she much prefers human company to other cats so would do well as the only cat in the household

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This is ginger Princess, and she is always the first one to greet you when you visit the shelter. Princess loves being petted so much she balances on her back legs to get closer to you which is very cute to watch!

Very friendly and social, but she doesn’t love being picked up, lap time needs to be on her terms

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This friendly girl is a favourite with the volunteers because of her sweet nature. This little girl loves attention and has such a cute face she always gets it!

Frida is great with children and enjoys being groomed and played with. Frida would make a great family pet

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