Vezul has a condition caled complete heterochromia which means she has one blue and one green eye. This is surprisingly common in white cats and does not affect her vision, it makes her special in our eyes.

Vezul is shy so would do well in a quiet household without children or dogs with someone who has the patience to let her gain confidence and be the wonderful girl we know her to be. Vezul needs to be an indoor cat to protect her ears from sun damage.

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Earl Grey

Earl Grey has an aristocratic way about him that only a cat can pull off!

He is young and ready to join a household with other cats, kids and perhaps a gentle dog.

Earl Grey is best friends with Pastel, which is why we prefer to have them stay together

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Blackie is, you guessed it, pure black!

He is a playful boy who loves both cat and human company. He is very sociable so will always be where the action is.

He will do well in a family with lots of people to play with him!

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This is ginger Princesa, and she is always the first one to greet you when you visit the shelter. Princesa loves being petted so much she balances on her back legs to get closer to you which is very cute to watch!

Very friendly and social, but she doesn’t love being picked up, lap time needs to be on her terms

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