The Adoption Process

One of the main goals of CCCA is to give as many cats as possible the possibility to live in their forever home with loving and caring adopters.

We think that cats should choose the person(s) they want to live with, and not the other way around so we are keen to ensure that all our adoptions focus on finding the right adopter for the right animal.

When you visit the shelter, and meet the cats, it is likely that at that first meeting individual animals will decide whether they will take to you, and that in turn indicates to us whether an adoption is likely to be a success or not.  If a cat is not interested in you, then it is best to look to another cat who may respond more positively.  The more time an animal and prospective adopter have to get to know each other before the adoption takes place, the better it is for both.

If an adopter has no experience with cats, we will help with an introduction to the animals and offer some initial assistance.

We also want to be sure that the cat is adopted into a good home and a ‘home visit’ will give us the possibility to check this.

The CCCA will make the final decision to approve an adoption on the basis of

  • Your visit to the shelter and the relationship established there between you and the cat
  • The home visit

 Once an adoption has been agreed the CCCA will

  • Prepare your animal for adoption so before the cat leaves our care, it will be
    – Neutered
    – Fully vaccinated
    – Microchipped
The adopter will be required to sign an adoption contract with the CCCA