Spot from the Fig House Family, named for the enclosure these seven kittens live in with their Mum.

A very friendly black and white female kitten who is very curious and welcoming to any visitors to her house.

Spot is very cute and is an outgoing kitten who will let you know that she wants some attention.

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Gingy from the Fig House Family, named for the enclosure these seven kittens live in with their Mum.

He is a friendly, easy going cat who loves company.

Gingy can be adopted alone or with a sibling and this curious boy will do well in a busy household.

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Sweetie is such a sweetie!

A very affectionate cat it was clear what we could call her when she arrived into the shelter. An absolute darling who is gentle and loving and a very friendly cat.

She adores children and would do well in a family with younger children. It’s easy to find her when you visit, she is one of the first at the door to say hello and welcome!

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Panther is a boisterous, playful boy who is not past tapping you with his paw if you are not paying enough attention to him!

He is a very social boy and loves it when there are visitors at the shelter. He is the sort of cat who will greet you at the door asking you how your day was and follow you around.

He is great with kids, other cats and dogs, nothing fazes our brave boy Panther!

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Nosey is a quiet girl who hangs out in the background until the attention stealers have had their fill.

You then realise that this little girl is an absolute sweetie. She loves to rub her head on you and purrs away.

A lovely gentle cat who could adapt to many different households

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Mila came to us as a junior and is used to humans moving around in her space.

She starts out as shy but her curiosity combined with some love and patience will have her show her affection.

Mila is too skittish to be around children or dogs and would be better with a single person and with other cats

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