Breed: Domestic Short-Hair


Nosey is a quiet girl who hangs out in the background until the attention stealers have had their fill. You then realise that this little girl is an absolute sweetie. She loves to rub her head on you and purrs away. A lovely gentle cat who could adapt to many different households Interested in adopting […]


Mila came to us as a junior and is used to humans moving around in her space. She starts out as shy but her curiosity combined with some love and patience will have her show her affection. Mila is too skittish to be around children or dogs and would be better with a single person […]


Vezul has a condition caled complete heterochromia which means she has one blue and one green eye. This is surprisingly common in white cats and does not affect her vision, it makes her special in our eyes. Vezul is shy so would do well in a quiet household without children or dogs with someone who […]


Jax is a pure white handsome boy. Jax loves company and follows the volunteers around the shelter chatting away and stealing cuddles. Jax needs to be an indoor cat to protect his white ears from the harsh sun. He would do well with kids and other cats in a busy household due to his strong […]


Isabella is a friendly girl who is the first to greet you and will give you a little tap to keep your attention. She isn’t great with dogs or children but loves the company of humans and cats Interested in adopting Isabella? Contact us!

Earl Grey

Earl Grey has an aristocratic way about him that only a cat can pull off! He is young and ready to join a household with other cats, kids and perhaps a gentle dog. Like most juniors, he loves to play and is a constant source of amusement. He is still a little bit shy but […]


Cid is a friendly boy with a very sweet and calm temperament. He enjoys human company and is a favourite with the shelter volunteers. He would do well with a family as the only cat in the household. He tolerates other cats but is easily intimidated and really he prefers human company over other cats. […]


Blue was dumped and thankfully approached a volunteer at the shelter asking for help. He has clearly been loved by someone in the past but for whatever reason is now looking for his next home. He is a sweet cat who loves head scratches and is very happy with lap time, purring away to let […]


Blackie is, you guessed it, pure black! He is a playful boy who loves both cat and human company. He is very sociable so will always be where the action is. He will do well in a family with lots of people to play with him! Interested in adopting Blackie? Contact Us!


Olibe is a very friendly girl who loves curling up on your lap for cuddles.